Secrets of Viral Video Marketing

Learn about Aashish’s experiments with viral videos resulting in award winning success, picking viral-worthy topics, video productionand distribution, ROI, newsjacking and much much more.

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About Secrets of Viral Video Marketing

We live in the world of viral video marketing. Statistical data confirms that every month 5 million new mobile phones get activated in India and this number is projected to grow exponentially. With more eyeballs diverting to social media, the news feeds are getting chaotic and getting your content the attention it deserves has become a tall order. ‘Viral’ has become a bigger buzz word and cracking the viral code seems to be the holy grail of content marketing.

In this session, award winning viral video marketing expert, Aashish Chopra will share the story of his experiments with viral videos. From defining ‘going viral’ as a happy accident, to discovering the method to madness, his world renowned videos regularly get featured in news and blogs around the globe. This session packs behind the scenes, strategies and ideas on how to approach content marketing for contagiousness.

Course Objectives
  • Learn how to approach content for virality including closing the ROI loop
  • Acquire knowledge on newsjacking and the art of topical content
  • Get to know the future trends in viral video marketing
  • Build videos for video marketing
Key Takeaways of the session:
  • Story of the first viral - From an idea to radio interview in 24 hours
  • Learnings from the award winning 7 million views viral hits
  • Learnings from the record breaking 54 million views video
  • How to approach content for virality including closing the ROI loop
  • How to pick viral-worthy topics through a group exercise
  • Insights to Video Production 101- It's not that big a deal really
  • Get to know the other half of the battle - Distribution
  • Learn Newsjacking and the art of topical content
  • What doesn’t work - Don’t make an Ad
  • Future trends - How the game is changing
  • Question and Answer with Aashish
            Prof Indranil Bose       

Aashish Chopra , is an award winning viral video marketer. He has created and marketed videos with millions of shares and gazillion views. One of his video is Asia’s most shared branded Facebook post (Campaign Asia) and another video had created history by getting 40 million views in a week. He also won the Content Marketer of the year in February 2016. He is passionate about content and believes that in times of declining attention spans and chaotic news feeds, creativity stands the differentiator.

Aashish heads content marketing at Ixigo, a travel search engine organization. From ideation to execution, he has been instrumental in making video marketing a growth hack and also from driving app installs to skyrocketing reach with videos. Aashish has been on stage at events in IIT Bombay, DMAI, Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), ClickAsia, FICCI, Ashoka University, Bridge Business School, Digital Marketing Summit – Asia, Webit.India, Tie Travel Marketing Summit, MobileSparks @ YourStory and has also featured in NDTV.


After the completion of the session, participation certificate will be issued to the candidates from


No pre-requisites for this course. Basic knowledge in Social Media and Marketing will be an advantage, though it is not mandatory.


Who Should join this course?

This course is for every marketer, entrepreneur, blogger, student, or leader who dreams of reaching out to millions of users on social platforms through video marketing.

What happens if I miss a session?

The live session is recorded and available for later view. Learners can refer to the recorded session at their convenience.

What is your refund policy?

Upon registering for the course, if for some reason you are unable or unwilling to participate in the course further, no refund will be provided.

What are the minimum system requirements to attend the course?

    Minimum system requirements for accessing the courses are:

  • Personal computer or Laptop with web camera
  • Headphone with Mic
  • Minimum 1 Mbps broadband connection with 4 Mbps download speed
  • A self-diagnostic test to meet necessary requirements to be done is available at  

    Please note that webcam, mike and internet speed cannot be verified through this link.

Course Features

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