Advanced Social Media Marketing

  • 21 hours of direct to device, instructor-led sessions
  • Live Q&A session
  • Guided Assignments
  • Case Studies and Live Examples for holistic learning
  • Strong focus on hands on experience-Learn by Doing
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Course Features

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About Advanced Social Media Marketing

The Social Media revolution is sweeping the world with Social Media Optimization (SMO) as the new strategy for drawing new and unique visitors to a website. Facebook has 1712 Million active users, Instagram has 500 Million active and Twitter has 313 Million active. Likes, tweets, snaps and follows are a way of life of millennials. Brands hoping to engage their consumers cannot afford to ignore social media channels. This course will teach learners how to create your brand on social networking sites and how to monitor and manage the online reputation of your brand.

Course Objectives
  • Get the basics in Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Blogging
  • Master Google Analytics for Social Media
  • Acquire insights to Facebook and Twitter branding
  • Learn the concepts of Influencer marketing and Online Reputation Management
Module 1:

Introduction to Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Blogging

  • What can you expect from a SMM campaign?
  • What to measure and what is relevant?
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging and Branding
Module 2:

Facebook and Twitter Branding

  • Facebook Do's and Don'ts
  • Using Facebook Insights
  • Twitter Features core details
  • Branding building and Consumer Engagement
  • Using Twitter Analytics
Module 3:

Google Analytics for Social Media

  • Demographics, Views, Hits, Location statistics from Google Analytics
  • How to use this statistics for better SMM campaign results
  • Using Analytics to calculate ROI of your SMM campaigns
Module 4:

Influencer Marketing

  • Finding your influencers
  • ROI from Influencer Marketing
  • Social media contests
Module 5:

Online Reputation Management

  • Social Media Backup policy
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Real-time and or Automation: What works when
Module 6:

Live Q&A and Feedback Session

Module 7:

Real Time Assignment


The Program director for this course will be will be Mr. V. Ananthanarayanan.

Ananthanarayanan V

Mr. V. Ananthanarayanan,a specialist in delivering goal oriented ROI campaigns for corporate brands, is an alumni from the Indian Institute of Management Indore. He is the Founder of Techdivine Creative Services, a Digital Marketing & Social Media Services agency. He is the Winner of Global Peter Drucker Challenge 2014 and was awarded Best Digital Marketing Professional in India by CMO Council & World Marketing Congress. Review his complete profile on his


A test will be conducted at the end of the course. On completion of the test with a minimum of 70% marks, will issue a certificate of successful completion from NIIT.

One re-attempt will be provided in case the candidate scores less than 70%.

A Participation certificate will be issued if the candidate does not score 70% after two attempts.


No pre-requisites for this course. This course is open to technology professionals keen to dive into the world of Social Media Marketing.


What are the class/session timings?

Classes will be held every Saturday 05:30 PM to 08:30 PM (IST).

Do you provide any study materials?

Relevant reference material and web links will be shared with the candidates through our discussion forum and batch email list.

What happens if I miss a session?

All the live sessions are recorded and available for later view. Learners can refer to recordings of a missed session at their convenience.

What is your refund policy?

Upon registering for the course, if for some reason you are unable or unwilling to participate in the course further, you can apply for a refund. You can initiate the refund any time before start of the second session of the course by sending an email to , with your enrolment details and bank account details (where you want the amount to be transferred). Once you initiate a refund request, you will receive the amount within 21 days after confirmation and verification by our team. This is provided if you have not downloaded any courseware after registration.

What are the minimum system requirements to attend the course?

    Minimum system requirements for accessing the courses are:

  • Personal computer or Laptop with web camera
  • Headphone with Mic
  • Minimum 1 Mbps broadband connection with 4 Mbps download speed
  • A self-diagnostic test to meet necessary requirements to be done is available at

    Please note that webcam, mike and internet speed cannot be verified through this link.

Course Features

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